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I am campaigning on TERM LIMITS... But most importantly this campaign is about the three interconnected dynamics that all sustainable and prosperous communities stay focused on:

An equitable economy, environmental protection, and access to quality education

I personally Live, Work, and Play here. I believe that we have the potential to be the best community in the metro area measured by any standard. You should believe that too and you deserve leaders that believe that.

We can...We will.

Lets Get Busy!


  • Associate Degree in Ecology from Vermilion Community College (Ely, Minnesota)
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology from Auburn University
  • Masters of Public Health from Georgia State University
  • Former U.S. Department of Agriculture Employee (1993-2002)

As a veterinary epidemiologist, I did disease surveillance in stockyards where livestock are bought and sold, was sent to Europe for a brief period, and finally had to retire this job when federal funding ran out.

Community Service

  • Board of Zoning Appeals Mayoral Appointee (2003-2006)
  • Former College Park Main Street Business Owner (2012-2015)

    I invested $10,000 dollars of my own capital and paid rent on Main Street for 3 years in an attempt to keep another storefront from closing.

  • Campaigned on the Clayton County MARTA Referendum (2014)

    Some of the busiest bus lines in the entire 3-county MARTA system now run from the College Park and East Point stations and down Godby Road (195), Harrison Drive (193), and Riverdale Road (196).

About John Duke

  • College Park Resident for 20 years

    I stepped off the train at the College Park MARTA station in 1998 and walked the neighborhood. Bought a 1920's fixer upper and here I am.

  • Married to Marianne Lecesne
  • I own an Environmental Design, Consulting and Project Management Firm

  • Contracted by College Park to finish the Brady Trail