Making the City Shine

Prioritizing Community Infrastructure

We Have the Ability to be a Community
with the Most Diverse Transportation Choices of Any in America.

Non-motorized Commuter Pathways

To reduce dependency on cars and encourage cleaner and healthier alternatives such as walking and biking, I would propose the construction of non-motorized commuter pathways. These paths would interconnect key areas of the city, and could potentially connect to The Beltline in West End.
Interactive Map

MARTA & City Property

Do more improvements like this on city property even if MARTA won't. The stop in the left photograph, for example, on Main Street needs a garbage can and/or a shelter like the stop in the right photograph.

Multi-Use Pathways

Create a Multi-Use Pathway along Herschel Road and improve the pedestrian crossing at the Camp Creek Parkway intersection

Corridor Upgrades

Ensure a Complete Street Corridor through Airport City from Main Street to the Golf Course

What is a Complete Street? ▼

A Complete Street is a corridor that is designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities. Complete Streets help create livable communities for various types of users, including children, people with disabilities, and older adults. Complete Streets improve equity, safety, and public health, while reducing transportation costs and traffic woes. Source:

Repairs & Upgrades

Repair/Upgrade the corridor from the GICC to Main Street for cars and pedestrians

Tie-in to East Point improvements on Main Street

Build a Bike/Pedestrian corridor along Roosevelt Highway from the GICC to Greensprings Road (south border of the city)

Create an appealing pedestrian corridor on Main Street between Princeton and John Calvin Avenues (the "dead zone")

Assist Aerotropolis CID

with making the Virginia Ave corridor a Complete Street

Provide incentives for businesses to follow Waffle House's signage standards that fit the "pedestrian scale." Through proper landscaping and wider non-motorized corridors, assist Aerotropolis to make Virginia Avenue pedestrians feel like they are not "dropped" off in parking lots.